BOBYLOVA Marija Yurjevna

Associate professor, candidate of medical sciences. Children's neurologist, epileptologist, neuropsychiatrist, doctor of higher category

In 2000 graduated from the Russian Medical University of Pirogov.

Practical health care experience is more than 10 years. Taught on chair of nervous diseases of pediatric faculty, continued teaching activity as the associate professor on chair of Modern rehabilitational technologies. Passed Ph.D. defense on a subject: "Polymorphism of tics: differential diagnostics with onset of the progressing diseases of nervous system".

The author of many published works, the coauthor of the monograph "Modern Technologies of Rehabilitation in Pediatrics", the coauthor of the textbook for students of medical schools "Neurology of child age" under professor Petrukhin's edition. Is the author of the technique of diagnostics and differential treatment of on the basis of concentrational determination of catecholamines in biological liquids (blood, urine). Carries out a selection of therapy at movement disorders (hyperkinesis) in children. Consists in the international society “Movement disorders”.

Doctor Bobylova has a wide experience of prophylactic maintenance with healthy newborns and children of infantile age. The main specialization – diagnostics and selection of therapy in children and teenagers with epilepsy, tics, enuresis, neurosis and the autistic disorder. Together with psychologists and specialists in kinesiotherapy carries out correction at patients with children cerebral palsy and a psycho-motor and speech delay. Carries out treatment of neurologic complications of skin diseases (neurodermatitis, alopetion), respiratory organs (obstructive syndrome, bronchial asthma), cardiovascular system (congenital heart diseases, vegetative dysfunctions), digestive tract, endocrine system (diabetes, low-height), kidneys and small pelvis organs (Hirschsprung disease, enuresis, encopresis).