FREYDKOVA Natalja Vladimirovna

Neurologist, epileptologist, physician of Superior Merit.

Graduated from the Moscow medical Stomatology institute in medical business. Graduated from the internship on neurology. Worked as the neurologist in hospital. From 1996 to 2012 was the head of the department "Epilepsies and the paroxismal states" in neurologic policlinic at Morozovsky child clinic. Improves the professional skills on various chairs in Russia, visits conferences and symposiums, as in Russia and abroad. Took part in creation of "The reference book on neurology in infancy". Is the author of chapters in books of professor Karlov "Epilepsy" (1990), "Epilepsy in children and adult women and men" (2010) "Psychopathology in infancy" - the anthology for medical institutions, the head in "Child epilepsy" book by professor Karlov, Freydkova, 2002. Is the author of over 40 scientific publications.

As the neurologist-epileptologist runs differential diagnosis between epileptic and pseudo-epileptic character of paroxysms, if the diagnosis is epilepsy, specifies its form, puts on medication and controls the patient condition. Experience of practical work is more than 30 years.