GULYAEV Sergey Aleksandrovitch

Doctor of medical sciences, neurologist of the highest category.

Graduated from the Vladivostok State medical university in 1995. Worked as the neurologist in Far East Central Clinical Hospital. Passed Ph.D. defense on a subject: "Epilepsy and Vascular Pathology". Worked as the head of the department of functional diagnostics of the Vladivostok State medical university.

Since 2005 works as the senior research scientist of scientific center of neurology.

In the Medical Center of children's neurology and epilepsy consults adult patients, conducts research in ultrasonic doppler sonography of head and neck vessels. The main specialization – vascular pathology at adults (headaches, dizziness, unsteadiness, fluctuation of arterial pressure, prevention of strokes, rehabilitation) and backbone diseases (osteochondroses, various back and neck pains, etc.). In his work makes use of the international experience and own treatment techniques.