Candidate of medical sciences, child neurologist, epileptologist.

In 1989 with honors graduated from pediatric faculty of the Moscow Medical University of Pirogov.

Worked as the neurologist in child city clinical hospital in Moscow.

Worked in practical health care as the neurologist and the neurophysiologist in the Child Center of diagnostics and Treatment of Semashko.

Passed Ph.D. defense on a subject "The clinic and electroencefalographic analysis at various forms of primary headaches". Was engaged in video EEG monitoring.

Since 2008 is the leading expert of the Medical Center of Child Neurology and Epilepsy. Specializes in paroxismal conditions of not epileptic genesis (faints, etc.), headaches, sleep disorders in area of diagnostics and treatment of epilepsy.

Regularly improves professional skills. Passed training in the Epileptological Center in Vogtareuth (Germany) under the leadership of professor Hanz Holthausen. Is a certified doctor in neurology and functional diagnostics.