MENDELEVITCH Olga Vladimirovna

Clinical psychologist.

In 2003 with honors graduated from faculty of psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University in "Clinical psychology".

Finished training in the three-year program on family and matrimonial therapy (consultation). Constantly improves skills in the field of clinical and medical psychology and psychotherapy (family therapy, narrative practice, cognitive behavior therapy).

Worked as the educational psychologist, was engaged in diagnostics and correction of perceptual-conceptual sphere in children with mental retardation (including epilepsy and cerebral palsy).

Since 2004 works as the educational psychologist in the Russian Child Clinical Hospital. Since 2008 – the educational psychologist at the Center of Child Neurology and Epilepsy. Is engaged in neuropsychological and pathopsychological diagnostics, an assessment of cognitive skills in children, family consultation (including concerning the child-parent relationship), correctional psychology. Pays special attention to presurgery neuropsychological diagnostics of children with symptomatic epilepsy.

Senior teacher of department of clinical psychology and psychotherapy of faculty of psychological consultation. The author of a number of scientific publications in the field of clinical psychology.