TCHADAEV Victor Alekseevitch

Associate professor, candidate of medical sciences, neurologist, epileptologist. Specializes in presurgery diagnosis of epilepsy.

Graduated from the Russian Medical university of Pirogov in 1997 and since then was trained and worked at department of Child neurology and neurosurgery of University.

Area of interests is surgical treatment of epilepsy and the help to children with severe pharmacoresistant (drug-refractory to epilepsy medicamentation treatment) epilepsy forms, motive and cognitive disorders. Repeatedly passed training in specified directions of medicine in the child neurological center of Munich (Germany). One of the first in Russia began to use high-precision techniques of children inspection: multidaily video EEG monitoring with reconstruction of the international assembly diagram "10-10" and the high-allowing magnetic and resonant researches of the brain, and also the most modern hi-tech methods of magnetoencephalography and functionality of magnetic and resonant tomography. After training in Germany started to use in his clinical practice the brain lateralization test of Vad (it is carried out in Russian, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian languages), implantation sphenoidal and naso-pharyngeal electrodes, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and also implantation long subdural electrodes, cortical stimulation and corticography are successfully introduced in clinical practice in Russia. To increase the treatment efficiency cooperates with the leading Russian and international laboratories and clinics.