At the present time our laboratory of video-EEG monitoring was reorganized into «Department of  Video-EEG Monitoring of  Svt. Luka's Institute of Child Neurology and Epilepsy (ICNE), three new, modern apparatus for video-EEG are bought and applied. New Chief of Department – Nadezda Kvaskova.

Video EEG monitoring

Video EEG monitoring (VEM)  – synchronous recording of bioelectrical activity diagnosof brain (electroencephalogram = EEG) and Video of patient s behavior. VEM is the main method of epilepsy diagnostics, including the diagnosis of epilepsy form. The main aim – registration of paroximal event and differencial diagnosis between epileptic seizures and non-epileptic conditions.

Стоимость исследований

Наличный или безналичный расчет до начала исследования. Оплата по банковским картам не производится.

Two models of carrying out video-EEG are applied in our center:

Stationary video-EEG monitoring

Is carried out in specially equipped hospital rooms of Institute of Child Neurology and Epilepsy where the patient and one of his relatives have the possibility to settle down most comfortably.

Domiciliary video-EEG monitoring

Is carried out by our experts at patient's place.

Brief overview of Department of video EEG monitoring

Our Department of video-EEG monitoring is one of the first in Russia and former republics of the USSR; it exists more than 12 years (since 2002, early – Laboratoty of VEM ). During this time we have made more than 27000 continued EEG examinations. Professor Konstantin Mukhin - the international expert in the field of neurology and epileptology, has been the consultant and the curator of Department of video-EEG for many years. All the Department members have higher medical education and experience in the field of clinical neurology and electroencephalography. It is the obligatory rule in the video-EEG Department of our Institute to carry out consultations with analysis of difficult diagnostic cases with participation of leading experts and attending physicians. Along with diagnostic work the important place is taken by scientific researches in the field of epileptology and electroencephalography. Doctors, graduate students, interns, students of the leading neurologic departments of Russia are trained in the Department and participate in scientific projects on the basis of video-EEG Department.

Правила проведения

Перед началом исследования просим Вас ознакомиться с правилами проведения видео-ЭЭГ мониторинга для пациентов.

Исследования в отделении видео-ЭЭГ мониторинга проводятся круглосуточно 7 дней в неделю. Исследования проводятся строго по предварительной записи.

Записаться на консультацию можно по телефонам:

+7 (495) 181 31 01 (Единый многоканальный номер регистратуры)
+7 (985) 123 08 83

С 1 июля 2013 года открыта платная услуга – доставка результатов видео-ЭЭГ мониторинга из Института детской неврологии и эпилепсии на дом к пациентам.

Запись на прием

Консультации специалистов и обследование осуществляются только по предварительной записи!

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